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OSDF Hall of Fame
The Oklahoma Square Dance Hall of Fame was established in 2017 by OSDF President
Mike and Myrna Perkins with Jim and Ruth Ford as Committee Chairman who served from
the beginning of 2017 and continuing to serve in 2018 and 2019. The following recipients
were chosen for their outstanding, unselfish contribution to the Development and Growth
of Square Dancing in Oklahoma.

We are trying to create information links for each recipient. The sheets that
were read at the presentation for years prior to 2022m we destroyed in a fire.
If you are knowledgeable about any of these people, we would appreciate you
typing something up and sending it to us.

A quality picture would be appreciated also.

2023 Recipients

Chet and Billie Ferguson
Jerry and Gayle Stover
Vernon and Lois Schimmels

2022 Recipients
Rod and Lois Ford
Jim and Helen Howard
Jim and DeDe Howard

2021 Recipients
Jim and Ruth Ford

2019 Recipients
Gene and Barbara Morton
Harry and Pat Nelson
Robert Orman and Billie Davis

2018 Recipients
Max and Louise Courtney
Jim and Georgianne Couey
Cecil and Barbara Burton
Dick and Loveta Matthys
Gerald and Sally McWhirter
Mike and Myrna Perkins

2017 Recipients
Loraine Conner & Avis Strasner
Norvell and Mary Dalley
Guy and Sue Gentry
Ernie and Beulah Haynes
Pete and Ester Hughes

The Hall of Fame committee has begun looking for committee members interested
in recognizing their fellow square dancers for jobs well done above and beyond the norm.

We are looking for square dancers that will take a moment to look around and see those
fellow square dancers that may qualify to be recognized for their commitment to square
dancing whether it be in a club, district or state organization and nominate them for their service.

We are also looking for those square dancers that have excelled in their support of square dancing
and have made a difference in the quality of life of other square dancers. These dancers are those,
that through the years have remained faithful to square dancing and have made efforts to improve
the quality of square dancing that they may be recognized by being inducted into the Oklahoma Square
Dance Hall of Fame.

If you are interested in being one of these three types of people, a committee member, a person
wanting to nominate someone for the Hall of Fame, or you know someone that should be recognized,

Mike and Myrna Perkins
Hall of Fame Committee

Click to see Nomination form!

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